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Vinologie (def: vinologie; /vee-NOL-o-jee ) is the art of appreciation, dedication, love and exploration of wines or other spirits; the lifestyle of the winelover; the choice of the educated about wine, connoisseur, beginner or simply curious; . the result of providing the best wine for the right moment; Vinologie locations offer wine related services which include consulting, schooling, training, and education in the aspects of wine and the enjoyment of wine, spirits and life. A ‘vinologie-st’ is a social person passionate about life, new experiences, who appreciates quality and enjoys wine in his/her everyday life. antonym: (a word opposite in meaning to another) pretentious, boring, snobbish, ignorant (vinology derives from the word oinos, “vin-wine” (οἶνος) and the suffix –logia “study of” (-λογία) from the Ancient Greek language )6899

October 2004 La Maison du Vin opens its doors on Kennedy Avenue

In 2004 the first ‘proper’ winestore in Cyprus opened its doors to all, winelovers and not only… The Kennedy store offered one of the finest ranges of wine from La Maison du Vin, many of the best local wines, Greek wines from all parts of Greece, French wines, Italian wines and wines from all over the world, spirits, accessories, gourmet products and gift options.

A focus on wine education, awareness and the development of the non existent – at the time – wine culture helped introduce wine to a larger audience and develop the wine culture lifestyle. Weekly tastings, presentations, wine makers’ dinners, theme evening and more set the standard

The upgrading of the restaurant and hotel wine lists was one of the greatest achievements, possibly the greatest challenge at the time, which led to the increased expections from customers and demand for better and more comprehensive winelists. This led to greater wine appreciation by the restauranters.


Vinologie is the evolution of a very successful concept on Kennedy Avenue, Nicosia.

August 2017 La Maison du Vin becomes Vinologie

The need to expand the product range and introduce new labels to the already rich wine selection have led to the creation of Vinologie, which will offer a greater range of products, new experiences and an on line guide.

Vinologie Philosophy

Vinologie is a lifestyle provider dedicated to promoting the wine culture but also the exclusive spirits culture by introducing the best products by great producers at the best possible prices, introducing new concepts, new products and introducing these selections into our customers lifestyle.

We choose our wines to represent the best example from their region; we select both Iconic and innovative producers; traditional regions and newly discovered; classic and trendy spirits; complimentary products and applications.

Vinologie Commitment

Our commitment is to continue our research and identify new trends and introduce them to our customers.

Vinologie Mission

Our mission is to dedicate our resources to our research and identify new trends and introduce them to our customers and at the same time offer consumer value

We will continue to elevate our customers’ experience through tastings, presentations, winemakers’  dinners, events and travelling.

Dining experience enhancement through our involvement in the culinary industry, our influence on restauranteurs, menu creation and finding the appropriate wines and drinks for the right clientele

Education, the increase of wine appreciation, access to greater wines and the promotion of wine culture and responsible drinking enjoyment remains one of our main goals

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